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These are the Rules that you must obey. They're pretty General.

1. No players under 15 years of age. There will be sexual scenes, references, etc. We want mature players. Please do not try to trick us.

2. 1st person Journal entries only. Just because I like it this way. I find it more fun. It's more simple.

3. 2 Characters per person, maximum limit. We realize it can be difficult to keep up with one Character, let alone 2+. So, for that reason, each person may only have two characters. We want all characters to have equal time on Desire.

4. NO GODMODING. Self explanatory.

5. Be True To Character. Please try to keep these characters as close to canon as possible. Yes, this is a crack community. Draco Malfoy wouldn't be caught dead hopping around in Hermione's bed in Pink Bunny slippers. We like this about Draco. We respect this about Draco. Let's keep him this way.

6. Contact Mell if you have any questions that need answering. You can always catch me on aim: CALLme xgiNNy.

7. Communicate! This is not supposed to STAY House Vs. House. Communicate and make friendships with all houses/characters, within reason.

8. Friend the other players. Once you've been accepted, go through the list and add all of the other players to your friends list.

9. NO EBONICS OR SLANG! This means don't tYpE lYkE diisz. It's annoying. Insanely so. Thanks.
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