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enluminure_ooc's Journal

enluminure OOC
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This is the OOC partion of this community. Introduce yourselves. You can talk here, and post random things partaining to the RP. No drama. Thanks.
alastor moody, albus dumbledore, angelina johnson, argus filch, arthur weasley, bartemius crouch, barty crouch, beauxbatons, bill weasley, binns, care of magical creatures, cedric diggory, charlie weasley, cho chang, cornelius fudge, crabbe and goyle, dada, death eaters, dementors, diagon alley, draco malfoy, dudley dursley, fawkes, filch, filius flitwick, finding players, fred and george weasley, fred weasley, george weasley, gilderoy lockhart, ginny weasley, gryffindor, hagrid, harry potter, harry potter & co, harry potter communities, harry potter role playing, hermione granger, hogwarts, hprpg, james potter, lee jordan, lily and james potter, lily evans, lily potter, lucius malfoy, ludo bagman, madam hooch, madam irma pince, madam pince, madam poppy pomfrey, magic, marauders, marauders era, marcus flint, millicent bulstrode, minerva mcgonagall, minister of magic, ministry of magic, molly weasley, moony, narcissa black, narcissa malfoy, nearly headless nick, neville longbottom, norbert, nymphadora tonks, oliver wood, ollivander, order of the phoenix, pansy parkinson, peeves, percy weasley, peter pettigrew, petunia dursley, poppy pomfrey, potions, professor binns, professor dumbledore, professor flitwick, professor lockheart, professor lupin, professor mcgonagall, professor snape, professor sprout, prongs, quirrell, remus lupin, rita skeeter, roleplay, roleplaying, ron weasley, rpg, rubeus hagrid, salazar slytherin, seamus finnigan, severus snape, sibyll trelawney, sinistra, sirius black, slash, snape, sprout, the bloody baron, the dursleys, the fat friar, the grey lady, the malfoys, the ministry of magic, the order, the twins, the weasley twins, the weasleys, tom riddle, transfiguration, uncle vernon, vernon dursley, victor krum, viktor krum, voldemort, walden macnair, werewolves, witches, wizards, wormtail